Usefulness of Cows

Bläddrade bland gamla filer på min externa HD, och hittade ett gammalt dokument… Finns väl inte så mycket mer att tillägga?

The Cow is a pet… But it’s also outside the house. And it often lives in the country, but it also comes into town. But only when it’s dying, and it doesn’t decide that by itself.

There are seven sides on a cow… The upper side, the lower side, The front side, the rear side, One side, Other side… and the inside.

On the front side of the cow there’s the head… and that’s so the horns have something to be mounted on. The horns are made of horns and they are just for show. They can’t move, but the ears can. Ears are on the side of the horns. The cow has two holes in the front of it’s head. They are called cow eyes. The cows nose is called muzzle… that’s probably because it says muh.

On the rear side there’s the tail… the cow uses that to chase away flies, so that they won’t fall into the milk and drown.

On the upper side, and the one side… and the other side… there’s just hair. It’s called cow hair and always has the same color as the cow itself. Color on the cow is called hue.

The lower side is the most important because that’s where the milk hangs. And when the milker opens the tap the milk spills out. When there’s thunder the milk sours… but how that happens I haven’t learned yet. The cow has four legs, they are called cow bars. Those are also useful for pulling out nails. A cow doesn’t eat much, but when it does it always eat twice. When the cow has a bad stomach it makes cheese instead of milk. In the cheese there’s holes. How they make the holes I haven’t learned yet.

The cow can smell very good. We can smell it from far away… The cows puppies are called calfes. The calf’s father is called a Bull, and so are the cows male. The Bull doesn’t give milk and so are not a mammal.

The one that come for the cow when it’s old are called cow-catchers or bumpers. He’s also in the front of cars. THen the cow gets slaughtered, they pour the milk into bottles that we buy in the store. The four legs are sent to the carpenter, that’s called recycling.

As you can see, the cow is a very useful animal. And that’s why I like the cow very much.

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